Caren Golden Fine Art is pleased to present Tom Burckhardt’s FULL STOP, a site specific installation accompanied by a new series of enamel on wood paintings.

FULL STOP is a full-scale replica of an artist’s studio made entirely of cardboard and black paint. 10’ high x 18’ wide x 18’ deep, the installation is filled with art historical references such as Jackson Pollock’s shoes, Jasper Johns’s Savarin can and Edward Hopper’s potbellied stove. Entering the installation, the viewer animates the space while experiencing an artist’s dilemma first hand. As Burckhardt states: “This walk-though environment is full of the clutter and paraphernalia of the modern painter, toiling in romantic obscurity against the existential void. Except he/she doesn’t seem to be succeeding. A basic lack of ideas has crippled production despite having all the right materials: tools, art supplies, art books and postcards of past masters’ work at hand. The highly detailed and slavishly worked whorl of the stuff of art making and bohemian existence, all carefully constructed of cardboard and painted in a cartoon-like manner, belie the contradiction at the center of the room: a blank canvas sitting on the easel."

On view in the second gallery are Tom Burckhardt’s newest enamel on wood paintings. Building upon his signature blending of abstract patterning, Pop imagery and landscape references, these paintings introduce a new element: the human figure. With paint rollers and ladders, lifting and pulling, Burckhardt’s diminutive artisans labor to construct the composition of the works of art in which they are depicted. They display the industry and inspiration that the Artist in the FULL STOP cardboard studio aspires to, yet cannot find.
FULL STOP, the Studio, will travel to DiverseWorks in Houston, TX from November 4 through December 17, 2005 and The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum in Ridgefield, CT from March 26 through July, 2006.


Tom Burckhardt
September 8 - October 15, 2005
Opens September 8, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
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