Caren Golden Fine Art is pleased to present So Much Sound, Nathan Redwood’s debut solo exhibition in New York City. For this exhibition Redwood stretches and contorts his acrobatic brushwork and expands his expressive vocabulary. His water-thin acrylic strokes over glass-like, gessoed surfaces contradict the illusion of volume and depth articulated in his work. Velvety swathes and seductive folds of flowing paint trace his kinetic strokes, as figure and ground arise in their wake. The frozen energy captured in his marks evokes the fluidity in the abstract paintings of James Nares and David Reed; however, Redwood’s paintings thrive in the margins between concrete imagery and abstract space, offering an additional dimension in which his whimsical cast of objects and characters performs. Historically, Redwood’s work looks back to the epic visions of Romantic landscapes painters like Caspar David Friedrich and John Constable, but brings to it a mark-making sensibility inspired by Surrealists such as Wolfgang Paalens and Max Ernst. These unorthodox touchstones invest his work with an unusual combination of eccentricity and drama. The canvases in So Much Sound are created through an artful combination of brushing, pouring, jabbing and finger-painting – a gambit with the infinite and indefinite space of the blank canvas, aiming to carve it up, piece by piece, until an unlikely narrative emerges. The edges of his canvases become a proscenium, the canvas a stage and paint a magical cast of rope, cinder block and plywood players.

A graduate of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and The Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, Nathan Redwood’s work has been shown at the San Jose Museum of Art, the Neuberger Museum of Art and numerous solo and group gallery exhibitions in the US and Europe. His work has been featured in, among others, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times and ArtUS, His recent solo show at the Carl Berg Gallery in Los Angeles will be the subject of an upcoming review by Michael Duncan in Art in America.

For further information please contact Shane McAdams at 212-727-8304 or

Nathan Redwood

So Much Sound
October 16 - November 26, 2008



Nathan Redwood, Drift, 2008

Obstacle Narratives

Nathan Redwood, Obstacle Narratives, 2008


Nathan Redwood, Suspender, 2008


Nathan Redwood, Inquiry, 2012

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