Caren Golden Fine Art is pleased to present Standard Operating Procedure: Photographs by Nubar Alexanian. The exhibition is the culmination of Alexanian’s ongoing collaboration with director Errol Morris, who he has worked with on the set of Morris’ films Fast, Cheap and Out of Control, Mr. Death: The Rise and Fall of Fred A. Leuchter Jr., the First Person series, and, most recently, Standard Operating Procedure, which will be released on April 25th by Sony Pictures Classics and Participant Media. In the Standard Operating Procedure photographs, Alexanian examines the notorious events at Abu Ghraib prison through the eyes of the American soldiers who participated in the abuses of power including Lynndie England, Sabrina Harmon. Aided by actors who reenacted the troubling events, Alexanian’s photographs further etch these terrifying images into the consciousness of the viewer.

Nubar Alexanian’s provocative photographs depict the moral transgressions in the Abu Ghraib and encourage the viewer to confront issues about institutional behavior and group psychology and questions the American media’s willingness to ignore the darker sides of war and hierarchical social structures. The viewer is simultaneously attracted to the beauty of the imagery and repelled by what is depicted. As the lines between reality and imagination blur, the dramatized events underscore the ambiguity of our perspectives on urgent moral issues.

Standard Operating Procedure: Photographs by Nubar Alexanian will be on view in the gallery from Wednesday, April 30th through Saturday, May 3rd. Please join us for a reception for the artist Friday, May 2nd from 6 to 8 PM, and for a book signing of Alexanian’s new monograph, NONFICTION, on Saturday, May 3rd from 1 to 3 PM. At 2 PM on May 3rd there will be a conversation between Stuart Horodner, Curator of the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center and Mr. Alexanian.

The Standard Operating Procedure: Photographs by Nubar Alexanian exhibition has been presented at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center (October 5 – December 22, 2007) and the Pacific Northwest College of Art (February 27 – April 29, 2008). The exhibition will travel to the Corcoran Gallery of Art (April 23 – June 2, 2008) and the Walker Art Center (for a special evening on April 15, 2008) with other venues pending confirmation.

For further information please contact Shane McAdams in the gallery at 212.727.8304 or by email at

Standard Operating Procedure

Photographs by Nubar Alexanian
April 30 - May 3, 2008


Waterboarding 1- Reenactment

Nubar Alexanian, Waterboarding 1- Reenactment, 2008

Waterboarding 4- Reenactment

Nubar Alexanian, Waterboarding 4- Reenactment, 2008

OGA Official- Reenactment

Nubar Alexanian, OGA Official- Reenactment, 2008

Hooded Prisoner on a Box- Reenactment

Nubar Alexanian, Hooded Prisoner on a Box- Reenactment, 2008

Military Intelligence Couple- Reenactment

Nubar Alexanian, Military Intelligence Couple- Reenactment, 2008

Waterboarded 3- Reenactment

Nubar Alexanian, Waterboarded 3- Reenactment, 2008

Waterboarding 2- Reenactment

Nubar Alexanian, Waterboarding 2- Reenactment, 2008

Close up of Prisoners Hand- Reenactment

Nubar Alexanian, Close up of Prisoners Hand- Reenactment, 2008

Waterboarding 6- Reenactment

Nubar Alexanian, Waterboarding 6- Reenactment, 2008

Dogs and Prisoner- Reenactment

Nubar Alexanian, Dogs and Prisoner- Reenactment, 2008

Dragged from Cell- Reenactment

Nubar Alexanian, Dragged from Cell- Reenactment, 2008

Hooded Prisoner on a Box- Reenactment

Nubar Alexanian, Hooded Prisoner on a Box- Reenactment, 2008

Janis Karpinski Interview

Nubar Alexanian, Janis Karpinski Interview, 2008

Javal Davis Portrait

Nubar Alexanian, Javal Davis Portrait, 2008

Javal Davis hands

Nubar Alexanian, Javal Davis hands, 2008

Joseph Darby Portrait

Nubar Alexanian, Joseph Darby Portrait, 2008

Lynndie England Portrait

Nubar Alexanian, Lynndie England Portrait, 2008

Prisoner Awaiting Interrogation- Reenactment

Nubar Alexanian, Prisoner Awaiting Interrogation- Reenactment, 2008

Waterboarding 5- Reenactment

Nubar Alexanian, Waterboarding 5- Reenactment, 2008

Sabrina Harman Interview with Errol Morris

Nubar Alexanian, Sabrina Harman Interview with Errol Morris, 2008

Tattoos Sabrina Harman

Nubar Alexanian, Tattoos Sabrina Harman, 2008

Waiting for Interrogation- Reenactment

Nubar Alexanian, Waiting for Interrogation- Reenactment, 2008

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