Press Release

Caren Golden Fine Art is pleased to present Brief Encounters, an expanding group exhibition in which the artists are invited by peers already on the roster. Commencing with six individuals, the exhibition swells until the concatenation extends for five generations. Although there was no specific directive for artists in choosing their successors, the groupings bear interesting visual relationships that distinguishes each group from the others.

Participating artists by family, in order of selection are:

Jean Blackburn
James Hyde
Eric Anglés
Charles Mayton
Marc Handelman

John Kalymnios
Lawrence Seward
Doug Wada
Larry Bamburg
Susanna Vapnek

McKendree Key
Michael Cataldi
Amanda Matles
Adam Lowenbein
Ina Diane Archer

Richard Klein
Linda Darling
Shirley Irons
Barbara Ess
Robin Kahn

Caroline Mak
Kate Baird
Laura Splan
Reuben Lorch-Miller
Allison Shields

Shane McAdams
Ryan Mrozowski
Elizabeth Huey
Kristen Schiele
Clare Grill
Timothy Hull


An Expanding Group Exhibition
December 4 - December 21, 2007



Linda Darling, Untitled, 2007


Barbara Ess, Untitled, 2007


Elizabeth Huey, Untitled, 2007


Charles Mayton, Untitled, 2007

Palm with Pie Chart

Shirley Irons, Palm with Pie Chart, 2007

Wave Rider

Robin Kahn, Wave Rider, 2007


McKendree Key, Spacetrash, 2007

The piecing together of dissociated knowledge

Reuben Lorch- Miller, The piecing together of dissociated knowledge, 2007

Tropical Swag

Amanda Matles, Tropical Swag, 2007

Bellowing atop the wordpile

Ryan Mrozowski, Bellowing atop the wordpile, 2007


Kristen Schiele, Untitled, 2007


Allison Shields, Untitled, 2007

Elaborative Enconding

Laura Splan, Elaborative Enconding, 2007


Doug Wada, Untitled, 2006


James Hyde, Crossing, 2007

The Red Years of Winter

Clare Grill, The Red Years of Winter, 2007

Harry, 'La Soculente

Ina Diane Archer, Harry, 'La Soculente, 2007


Lwarence Seward, Untitled, 2006

The End of Northrop Grumman

Marc Handelmann, The End of Northrop Grumman, 2007

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