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The Sanchez Brothers’ often tense and suggestive scenes appear as frozen climaxes in dramas whose rising and falling action are intentionally obscured. This technique confers a sense of emotional ambivalence in the viewer who becomes invested in the arc of a story that doesn’t really exist. The practice brings to mind Henri Cartier-Bresson’s “Decisive Moment” reapplied to the hyper-produced world of contemporary media. For the Sanchez Brothers capturing this moment is a means to both engage and direct the viewer. These cinematic effects ultimately work both as a dramatic tool and as a commentary on the power of the staged image.

Long time collaborators, Carlos and Jason Sanchez’s work evolved from a documentary style to constructed fictions that require in-depth planning and elaborate staging. Even as these carefully orchestrated scenarios distance the viewer, they also evoke empathy. In the end reality yields to illusion; the stalemate is broken by the emotional impact of the Sanchez Brothers’ haunting dramas.

Carlos and Jason Sanchez’s work has been widely exhibited with solo and group exhibitions at galleries and museums throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. Their work has appeared in numerous publications and is the subject of a new monograph entitled Carlos & Jason Sanchez: The Moment of Rupture. Their work will be featured in an upcoming issue of American Photo magazine and on the cover of View Photography Magazine published in Belgium. A hard cover monograph of their work has recently been published and will be available for purchase in the gallery. In November their work will be presented in a solo exhibition at the Houston Center for Photography.

Carlos & Jason Sanchez

"New Photographs"
October 25 - December 1, 2007
Opens October 25, 6:00 PM - 1:00 PM



Carlos & Jason Sanchez, Masked, 2007

John Mark Karr

Carlos & Jason Sanchez, John Mark Karr, 2007

Rescue Effort

Carlos & Jason Sanchez, Rescue Effort, 2006


Carlos & Jason Sanchez, Identification, 2007

Natural Selection

Carlos & Jason Sanchez, Natural Selection, 2005

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