After 15 years as a cutting-edge New York City gallery featuring critically acclaimed emerging and mid-career artists, Caren Golden Fine Art has suspended her public exhibitions. Caren will continue her support of the artists associated with the gallery on an informal basis while expanding her focus to include many talented artists who could not be featured within the limited context of the gallery program. Building on her excellent eye for new and innovative artwork, and on her long and successful relationship with numerous contemporary artists, Caren has developed a connoisseurship and behind the scenes knowledge that she is able to share with new collectors, seasoned collectors and corporate clients today. Through her gallery program Caren placed artwork with significant private and public art collections and promoted the careers of the gallery artists through solo and group shows, art fairs, museum exhibitions and national and international press coverage. Her depth of knowledge of the contemporary art world spans a wide range of media, as well as emerging to established artists, allowing Caren to offer art advisory and curatorial services to all levels of private and corporate collections.

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